BBCの番組Japan Weekで豚まんなどを中国風にアレンジ アジア全体が日本であるかの演出だ、人種差別だと炎上


Great British Bake Off is accused of 'borderline racism' by viewers who are offended by contestants' decision to cook Chinese treats for 'Japanese week'

For their first challenge, contestants were tasked with creating Japanese steamed buns
Japanese Hirata buns, otherwise known as 'bao' in China, usually contain pork chashu, tempura, or karaage chicken
Nikuman is the Japanese name for Chinese baozi - a kind of chūka man, also known in English as pork buns
One amateur baker styled her 'chicken nikuman' buns to look like Pandas, which originate from central China

By Ellie Phillips For Mailonline
Published: 21:44 GMT, 27 October 2020